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Receive the gift of some meaningful MeTime

An emotional recharge for entrepreneurs and startup employees

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3 days in nature, disconnected from the outside world.

Embark on a powerful, life changing, deep inner journey.

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What's the Plan?

To work with our emotions, our breath, our body, music and nature in order to gain clarity on our most burning issues in life.

Also to have lots of fun :) 

About Myself

A Little Bit About Myself

My name is Ofir Beigel. I’m a retired Air Force pilot, a Zell entrepreneurship program alumni and the founder and owner of a successful cryptocurrency company.

Today I work as a psychotherapist and lead retreats for people from the startup scene.

I find that using a mix of rational thought and emotional intelligence, allows even the most skepctical and cynical person to go though a powerful and meaningful process.

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Why should I attend?

Our day to day often requires a heavy workload, which can push personal wellbeing aside. If you’re looking to restore some of that work life balance MeTime is a perfect fit.

Also, some of the most burning questions in life can only be answered once we agree to work not only with our mind, but with our body and heart as well.


Past Testimonials

Any Questions?

  • Who will be attending? How many will we be?
    30 people from various startup and tech companies will attend. In the past I've worked with people from HP, Google, Wix, PayPal, Meta and more...
  • When is MeTime taking place?
    MeTime will begin on Thursday January 4 at 08:30 in Herzliya and will end on Saturday January 6 at 20:00 at Herzliya.
  • Is any prior experience required?
    No prior experience is required. In fact, for most of our participants, MeTime is the first retreat they have ever attended. The only thing required is a 15-30 minute Zoom call to see if we're a good fit for one another.
  • Where will we sleep and eat?
    MeTime takes place at Bai Gali in the Golan Heights. We will be sleeping in a beautiful secluded resort built especially for these types of retreats. Sleeping will be in pairs in high-end, air conditioned, luxurious huts. We will eat delicious vegetarian meals cooked on the spot throughout the whole retreat.
  • What language is the retreat in?
    The retreat will be held in Hebrew.
  • How much does the retreat cost?​
    The retreat costs 3,950 ILS (VAT included) per participant. This includes meals, accommodations, transport and the retreat activities. There are no additional costs involved.
  • I still don't get what this retreat is all about​
    That's totally understandable. This unique experience is hard to explain in words. If you're interested, leave your details below and I'll gladly discuss more with you or give you some reference calls.

- Nate Meir, Partner, StageOne Ventures

One of the best gifts I've given myself. A unique opportunity to meet myself like I've never done before.

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-Karin Levi, VP Marketing,

This was my first retreat ever and the experience was more than anything I could imagine. It feels as if my heart has opened.

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- Gilat Lavian, General Counsel, iAngles

This felt like a life changing event. I'm taking so much from this experience and can't wait for the next one.

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- Tal Shahar, Principal,

Deep Insight 

It's hard to describe this experience in just a few words. A rare, mind opening, amazing journey. Highly recommended!

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Ready for some meaningful MeTime?

Got it! I'll be in touch soon...

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